Bonjour mes amis! Je m’appelle Secret Squirrel Beer Detective. I was born in the Ardennes forest in Belgium & I am a squirrel with a penchant for beer.

As you know, mes petits, Belgium is famous for having more beers than anywhere else on the planet & mon dieu, how we like to experiment with ingredients! Your little friend SSBD has grown up with this fine selection so knows a thing or two about beer.

But now it’s time for moi (Monsieur le Squirrel) to explore all those beers out there in the rest of the world and for this, mes petits chums, I will need your help. I want to investigate which beers you can easily find now that I am living over here in le UK: what the supermarkets & off licences have to offer, who is drinking what & where.

Alors, mes amis, together we will learn how to choose, buy, store, pour and talk about different beers. I would like us to share ideas on how to cook with beer & best of all, how to match beer with food.

Myself & Madame le Squirrel like to entertain our friends at home from time to time and once the Squirellettes are in bed, we like nothing better than to enjoy a few beer & food combinations with friends & maybe learn a few things along the way.  Do you have any recommendations? In these times when les noisettes are not so plentiful, it’s great to have a cheap night in!

I would also like to try & answer your questions about beer in my Challenge Le Squirrel section. Send me your beer-related dilemmas & I will see if my magnifying glass can search out the answers.

Meanwhile, I will be travelling the world sending you postcards. Who knows where I will show up next?

We are going to look, sniff, swirl, slurp & taste our way around the globe. Together we will experience the rich variety the world of beer has to offer.

Allons vites! This is where our adventures begin!


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