Beer Christmas Presents

Alors mes amis, your friends Madame & Monsieur Le Squirrel sampled a few too many glasses of Palm Noël yesterday & now we’re behind on the Christmas shopping. Madame le Squirrel has given me a mission to help catch up. We need to buy 5 presents for under £5 each for our squirrelly friends. So I’ve done some investigating & found some beer & food combinations that will make them want to save their nuts for later. Even better, these combinations can be bought online or in-store at your local supermarket, regardez:

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer + Burnt Sugar Crumbly Fudge with Sea Salt I recommend that you serve this beer chilled in a brandy glass, great to finish off dinner. Total price: £3.63

Hoegaarden Rosée + Rose/Lemon Turkish Delight This comes in an impressive 750ml bottle, good to share. Serve chilled in Champagne flutes. Total price: £4.58

Liefmans Fruit Beer + Willie’s Madagascan Chocolate This lovely fruity beer is best chilled & served in a wine glass. You could be really daring & pour it over crushed ice & add a dash of vodka! It goes perfectly with chocolate puddings or simple plain chocolate. Total price: £4.58

Fullers London Porter + Beef Jerky Serve at room temperature in a straight-sided glass. Snack on beef jerky or chunks of Parmesan. This beer also makes a really good marinade to tenderise your meat.Total price: £4.24

Skinners Heligan Honey + Goats Cheese Serve this fine Cornish ale slightly chilled in a straight-sided glass. You could even use it, mixed with a little honey, to glaze your Christmas ham. Total price: £4.64

You will delight your friends, I promise you!

After all that hard work, I think I deserve another beer, hmm, which one to choose . . . !


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