Antoine’s Beer & Cheese Recommendation of the Week

Bath Ales, Gem  + Comté Cheese

Gem is an English Best Bitter/Ale beer that lives up to its name. This chestnut brown, light & well-balanced beer has a roasted malt aroma, with a hint of hops & a fruity, soft bitterness. It has a warming caramel sweetness, with a fresh hop taste to finish (see tasting notes below).

Comté Cheese (also called Gruyère de Comté) is a French cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France (where Raymond Blanc comes from). It has an ACO or Appellation of Controlled Origin, which means that it can only be made in this region & only with milk from Montbeliarde Cattle. Normally the cheese is matured for 4, 12 or 18 months but can be aged for 24 months or longer. It has a rich, extra mature, slightly nutty flavour and a sweet finish.

Gem’s fresh hoppy flavours and subtle carbonation cut through the richness of the cheese bringing out the sweet, nutty flavours of the Comté which blend brilliantly with the roasted, malty, caramel bitter-sweetness of the beer creating for moi, a perfect taste sensation!


Bath Ales, Gem (bottled)
Overall impression An English Best Bitter/Ale beer. Chestnut brown, light, roasted malt aroma with a hint of hops & fruity, soft bitterness. It has a warming caramel sweetness with a fresh hoppiness to finish
Food Matches




BBQ meatGame

Smoked Oysters

Roast vegetable quiche

Extra mature cheddar

Product info
Colour Group Amber
Origin Warnley, Gloucestershire, South West England
Beer Style Best Bitter/Ale beer
Brewery Bath Ale Brewery (est.1995)
Brewing ingredients Marris Otter barley malt, wheat, Goldings hops
ABV% 4.8%
IBU 25-30 (medium/high bitterness)
Calories 185
Allergens Wheat, gluten
Tasting notes
Appearance Clear, deep amber with finely laced foam. EBC approx. 20
Nose Malt, fruit aroma with a hint of hops
Mouth Feel Light, easy drinking/light bodied, well balanced
Taste Profile Sweet – Bitter – Sweet
Flavour Profile Fruity, soft bitterness, caramel sweetness, fresh hop finish
Storage & Prep
Storage 8-14°C in a dry & dark environment
Prep Chill in the fridge for at least 6 hours before serving
Glassware Straight pint glass
Pouring Technique Bottled Ale Pour (hold the glass at 45° & pour gently)
Presentation 1cm/1 finger width sized head
Trivia Bath Ales was set up in 1995 by former employees of the Smiles brewery in Bristol. They have won a range of awards for their beers including Gem, Dark Side, Ginger Hare & Festivity. The beer is still made with floor-malted barley
For more info
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