Beer, Bangers & Bread in Sunny Shropshire

I was lucky enough to spend le weekend with mes amis in Shropshire visiting the Ludlow Spring Festival. SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) were running the Festival Pub Marquee with over 140 real ales. We purchased our souvenir tasting glasses & commenced tasting.

SIBA Competition Winners, Moi & the lovely Ruth from SIBA

Salopian Brewery’s Lemon Dream went down a treat, followed by St George’s Dragon’s Blood. Otley Brewing Co’s Thai-Bo with its lemongrass & ginger undertones was an unusual but very pleasant combination. After that, my squirrelly handwriting becomes a little illegible. Let’s just say I had some great beers even if some were a bit over hopped for this squirrel’s taste.

Jingle, jangle

After a lie down in the sunshine next to the very shiny classic cars, with Morris Dancers jingling away pleasantly in the background, I continued my day. Cheeses were purchased from Mr Moydens Handmade Cheese & a very interesting loaf of dark Ale Bread from Richard C Swift caught my fancy. Coopers sausage rolls were consumed, soaking up the beer very nicely.

A big thumbs up to Ludlow for organising one of the greenest food & drink festivals I’ve ever been to with 100% compostable cups made from plant starch & categorised recycling bin system. Wondering who’s recycling all the beer left overs?

We watched a demonstration of how to make “Artisan Beer Pizza” using Bacheldre Watermill’s flour, Hobson’s Bitter & Prices’ baking expertise – an interesting way of using the yeast & flavours in the beer to enhance your pizza dough.

After a couple more tastes of beer, we appeared, blinking in the Ludlow sunlight, strolling smugly past the hoards of eager beer

How civilised . . .

& food lovers queuing to enter the festival who had not had the foresight to arrive early like us. We decided to round off our visit to the town with a very civilized afternoon tea at DeGreys.

Ahhh, c’est bon

Back chez nous, after a brief snooze on the sofa, it was time to eat & drink once more! I had decided to treat my friends to some Duvel Tripel Hop, all the way from Belgium. Our Shropshire cheeses – Wenlock Blue, Wenlock White & Smoked Newport together with Welsh Perl Wen by Caws Cenarth, some smoked salmon & boiled quails eggs were a perfect combination with this rich, complex beer. Citra hops gave the Duvel a grapefruit aroma & lightly hopped aftertaste without being too overpowering. At 9.5% ABV however, it was deceptively drinkable – beware the devil in disguise!

Salut to my fellow foodies & beer lovers in Shropshire, I will be back for more!!


One response to “Beer, Bangers & Bread in Sunny Shropshire”

  1. anna mos says :

    ummm am very interested to try some of your ideas for beer and food combination…. i will look closely at your suggestions!

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