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Beer & Food Happiness

Bonjour mes amis! I have explored a variety of beer & food adventures this week that I would like to share with you. Visiting my squirrel friends in Burton-on-Trent, town of Malts and Marmite & world renowned for its brewing water & its Burton Ales, I stumbled on a little gem called the Burton Bridge Inn. They not only brew their own beers (Burton Bridge Brewery) but serve them in their gorgeous pub which has everything going for it, ranging from the roaring fire, great décor to its excellent service & of course great beers. I sampled their Bitter & their Bramble Stout (actually more than once) with a local farm-produced pork pie & a smidgeon of English mustard.

I then popped over to Shrewsbury, where my friends had been experimenting with recipes from Paul Mercurio’s book “Cooking With Beer”. We enjoyed Pork & Pumpkin Red Curry cooked with Belgium’s very own Duvel (in my honour, of course) together with 2 Blond Ales from Fyne Ales in Scotland. Jarl (3.8%) is a smooth, well balanced Blond Ale with a refreshing hoppy, almost grapefruit flavour & Avalanche (4.5%), which has a little more body and a fresh citrusy hoppiness. Such joy! Good food, good beer, good friends, what more could a Beer Detective Squirrel need, besides Madame Squirrel of course?

Beer has so much to offer as an ingredient; I heartily recommend that you try cooking with beer if you haven’t already done so. Please have a look at my new page if you need any tips.

Let the experiments begin! Bon weekend.